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Zuzanna Kotuła

Zuzanna Kotuła is an alumni of law studies at Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Wrocław as well as of I-level studies on culture at Faculty of History and Pedagogy at the same University. In the academic year 2009/2010 she studied law at Universita’ degli Studi di Macerata, Italy as an exchange student. Since 2012 she has been continuing studies at Chair of International and European Law of University of Wrocław as a PhD candidate. Currently, she prepares the PhD thesis under the title “The Exclusion of State’s Immunitate Before A State’s Court Related To Protection of Human Rights”. In 2015, Zuzanna participates in the scholarship program of Van Calker Fundation and conducts research at Comparative Law Institute in Lousanne, Switzerland, where she realizes the scienitifical research project focusing on the same issues as her final PhD thesis.

Currently, apart her academic activities Zuzanna works in Department of Family Law of District Court in Wrocław, performing a role of Assistant of Judge. She makes good use from her professional experience in her research, by conducting studies on child’s legal position in the European Judicial Area and on judicial cooperation in family law matters. Since 2014 she performs the function of Secretary of CEJM. Zuzanna also conducts classes of internation public law and the EU law, both in Polish and English. She cannot imagine living without good literature and perfectly equipped kitchen.