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The Programme of CEJM International Conference “Fundamental Rights in the European Union and the National Identity of the Member States” 29-30.05.2017


Dear Sirs / Madams,

we are happy to be able to present to you the programme of the the CEJM International Conference “Fundamental Rights in the European Union and the National Identity of the Member States” which is going to take the place on 29-30th of May 2017 in the premises of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Wrocław. All organizational information regarding the Conference you may find below. The conference programme is also available for download in .pdf format under the following link.

In case of any questions we remain at your full disposal.

The participation in the Conference is free of charge; no previous email sign-up is required. The event will be held in English language exclusively. The organizators do not provide any translation.


International Conference
Fundamental Rights in the European Union
and the National Identity of the Member States
organized by
Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet

University of Wroclaw
Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics
ul. Uniwersytecka 22/26
29-30 May 2017
Building A, room 318


MONDAY, 29.05

– 9.30 – 11.00 registration of participants, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, ul. Uniwersytecka 22/26, Building A, room 318
– 10.30 – 11.00 General Meeting of the members of Polish Association of European Law (in Polish, for members of the PSPE)

-11.10 – 11.30 OPENING SPEECHES
– His Magnificence Rector of University of Wroclaw, Prof. Adam Jezierski;
– Vice-Dean for Research and International Cooperation of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, Prof. Dariusz Adamski;
– Director of the Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet, Prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska;

– 11.30 – 13.30 I SESSION – chairmanship: Prof. Władysław Czapliński,
(Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Science)

1. Prof. Maciej Szpunar (Advocate General CJEU): The Scope of the Application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union;
2. Prof. Alina Kaczorowska (University West Indies, Barbados): What is the European Union Required to Respect under Article 4(2) TEU? – The Uniqueness Approach;
3. Prof. Dimitry Kochenov (University of Groningen, Netherlands): Making Article 7 Nuclear;

– discussion

– 13.30 – 13.45 coffee break

– 13.45 – 15.45 II SESSION – chairmanship: Prof. Robert Grzeszczak,
(University of Warsaw)

1. Prof. Matthias Niedobitek (Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany): National Identity as Protected by the Law of the Union and German Constitutional Identity;
2. Prof. Nina Półtorak (Judge of the General Court of the EU): Who Needs the Charter of Fundamental Rights – the Charter as a Challenge or a Chance for the National Legal Systems?
3. Prof. Mirosław Wyrzykowski (University of Warsaw): “Hostile Takeover” of the Constitutional Identity;

– discussion
TUESDAY, 30.05

– 10.00 – 12.00 III SESSION – chairmanship: Prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska, (University of Wroclaw)

1. Dr Patrycja Dąbrowska-Kłosińska (University of Warsaw): Protecting the Right to Family Reunion or National Identity? The Fundamental Rights of Third-country Nationals and the Integration Requirements in the Light of Directive 2003/86/EC and the CJEU Case-law;
2. Prof. Sylwia Majkowska-Szulc (University of Gdańsk): Linguistic Human Rights in Times of Migrant Crisis in Europe;
3. Prof. Monika Szwarc (Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Science): Searching for Equilibrium: Obligation to Respect Fundamental Rights versus Ius Puniendi Exercised by the Member States (as Emanation of Their National Identity);
4. Dr Jakub Kociubiński (University of Wroclaw): Freedom to Conduct a Business in the Age of Sharing Economy;

– discussion

– 12. 00 – 12.15 coffe break

12.15 – 14.00 IV SESSION – doctoral panel – chairmanship: Prof. Agnieszka Grzelak, (Kozminski University, Warsaw)

1. Mgr Jan Ludwik (University of Wroclaw): Impact of the Presumption of Equivalent Protection of Fundamental Rights (the Bosphorus Presumption) on the Autonomy of the EU Legal Order;
2. Mgr Maria Siemaszkiewicz (University of Wroclaw): Should Internet Access be One of the Rights Guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union?
3. Mgr Krzysztof Jankowski (University of Wroclaw): National Security Clause in the Article 4(2) TFEU as the Limitation to the EU Privacy Rights?
4. Mgr Agnieszka Regiec (University of Wroclaw): The New ODR Platform of the EU Commission – a Functional Realization of the Fundamental Right to Consumer Protection and Improvement of the Digital Single Market?

– discussion
– 14.00 Closure of the conference