Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Team and materials

Meet us – the team creating Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet at University of Wrocław. If you wish to contact a specific person directly, please send a request to Secretary of Center at the address cejm@uni.wroc.pl You can also find the personal e-mail address of each of us at the official website of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Wrocław, under the address prawo.uni.wroc.pl, Employees bookmark.

Center of Excellence is supervised by Prof. Dagmara Kornobis -Romanowska, who is the Director of Center.

People who create our team:

  • Tomasz Dąbrowski
  • Krzysztof J. Jankowski
  • Zuzanna Kotuła
  • Ewa Matlochova
  • Monika Olender
  • Jan Ludwik

At each separate personal website of the Team’s member you may find also teaching materials they have prepared. All rights reserved.