Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Seminary for PhD Candidates organized by the CEJM in Trzebieszowice: “The European Union in the reserach of young academics” 21-23.01.2017

Source: pixabay.com / CC00

As it happens every year, we would like to in invite you for the state-wide seminary for PhD Candidates organized by the Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet. This year the topic of seminary is “The European Union in the reserach of young academics”.

The seminary is going to be held on 21-23.01.2017 in Trzebieszowice in Lesser Silesia. All logistic information are going to be provided to the participants of the seminary individually.


The idea of seminary is to create a platform for exchange of ideas and contacts between the PhD Candidates from the different academic environments in Poland. At the same time, it should be also an opportunity for young researchers to present their research questions, ideas and effects of work to more experienced academics. During the seminary each participant would held a 15-minutes long presentation on the topic connected with the EU law, after what the discussion will follow.

This year we have an utter pleasure to have the following renowed experts in the field of EU law as our guests: Prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska, Prof. Sylwia Majkowska-Szulc and Prof. Robert Grzeszczak.

In case of any questions regarding the event please contact us via email.