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Publikacja prof. Adama Łazowskiego – „EU Withdrawal: Good Business for British Business?”


Source: pixabay.com; CC00

Source: pixabay.com; CC00

Dzięki uprzejmości Zarządu Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Prawa Europejskiego oraz Pana prof. Adama Łazowskiego przekazuję Państwu publikację Pana Profesora pt. „EU Withdrawal: Good Business for British Business?”, która ukazała się właśnie w 22 wydaniu European Public Law (2016).

W opisie (abstrakcie) artykułu czytamy:

“In this article Adam Łazowski argues that withdrawal of the UK from the EU is not good business for British business. It analyses two available modalities of EU withdrawal: a unilateral exit and a consensual divorce. Arguably neither of the two will free the UK from EU law. For that to happen, the British authorities would have to engage in the time consuming and resource thirsty exercise of clearing the UK legal orders from EU law. This, combined with uncertainty as to future relations with the EU, is destined to affect the UK business community and unlikely to bring desired efficiencies.”

Z artykułem można się zapoznać tutaj: EURO-22-1_Adam Lazowski