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Program of CEJM International Scientific Conference – “Citizenship and fundamental rights in the European Union – opportunities and challenges for integration”

Source: pixabay.com CC00

Source: pixabay.com CC00

We are proud to present to you the program of this year CEJM conference “Citizenship and fundamental rights in the European Union – opportunities and challenges for integration” which is going to take place soon, on 14-15th April 2016.

You may found the whole program in the .pdf format under the following linkiem.

VENUE: University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economic
Uniwersytecka 7-10, WROCŁAW, 14-15 April 2016, Building D, room 2D



Thursday, 14.04

– 13.00 – 13.30: registration of participants, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, ul. Uniwersytecka 7-9, Building D, room 2D.

-13.30 – 14.00: OPENING SPEECHES

His Magnificence Rector of University of Wroclaw, Prof. Adam Jezierski

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, Prof. Wiesława Miemiec

Director of the Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet, Prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska

-14.00 – 15.30: I SESSION (chairmanship: Prof. D. Kornobis-Romanowska)

  1. Prof. Władysław Czapliński – Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Science, Right to democratic governance in international law
  2. Prof. Fabienne Peraldi-Leneuf – University Paris Sud, Union of law/Rule of law
  3. Prof. Krystyna Kowalik – Bańczyk – Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Science, visiting Professor at Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, Rule of Law in the European Union – is there a definition for all Member States? 

– discussion

– 15.30 – 16.00: coffee break

– 16.00 – 17.30: II SESSION (chairmanship: Prof. Władysław Czapliński)

  1. Doc. Dr Petra Ferk – Inštitut za javno-zasebno partnerstvo, zavod Turjak, Poslovna enota Ljubljana, Public Services as Fundamental Right of European Citizens?
  2. Dr Nuria G. Rabanal – University of León, Be a European: a view from the economy
  3. Prof. Agnieszka Grzelak – Warsaw School of Economics, Office of Polish Ombudsman, Fundamental rights protection in the context of mass surveillance in the European Union

– discussion

Friday, 15.04

– 9.15 – 9.45: General meeting of Polish Association of European Law (in Polish, for members od the PSPE)

-10. 00 – 11.30: III SESSION – (chairmanship: Prof. Anna Wyrozumska)

  1. Prof. Maciej Szpunar – Advocate general in CJEU, Recent developments of the case law on European citizenship
  2. Prof. Monika Szwarc – Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Science, Focus on students: right to education, access to education and access to financial benefits in transnational context
  3. Dr Witold Jakimko – Judge in Uni Lex, Kosovo – Implementation of Human Rights Standards by the External Actions of the EU in Kosovo
  4. Dr Andrzej Gadkowski – University of Geneva, Direct effect of the EU mixed agreements and the rights of individuals.

– discussion

11..30 – 11.45  – coffee break

– 11.45 – 13.15: IV SESSION: Presentation of Polish reports to FIDE 2016 in Budapest – (chairmanship: Prof. Robert Grzeszczak)

  1. Prof. Magdalena Fedorowicz – Univesity of Adam Mickiewicz, Poznań, European Banking Union
  2. Dr Anna Śledzińska-Simon – University of Wroclaw, Division of competences and regulatory powers between the EU and the Member States
  3. Prof. Agata Jurkowska – Gomułka – WSIiZ Rzeszów, Private enforcement and collective redress in European competition law

– discussion

– 13.15 – 14.30 – lunch

– 14.30 – 16.30 – V SESSION – doctoral panel

  1. LLM Anna Dzierżanowska– European University Viadrina, Social benefits only for selected EU-citizens? An overview of the latest judgements concerning the citizenship of the European Union and the access to national welfare benefits
  2. Mgr Magdalena Gniadzik – Warsaw University, One step forward two steps back – the significance of CJEU judgements in the cases Brey, Dano, Alimanowic and García-Nieto for EU citizens
  3. Mgr Tomasz Dąbrowski – Wroclaw University, Citizens’ struggle with taxation in double reality of internal market and international law as a challenge of European integration
  4. Mgr Jan Ludwik – Wroclaw University, External dimension of European constitutionalism in the light of the Opinion 2/13 and the recent jurisprudence of the CJEU
  5. Mgr Łukasz Stępkowski – Wroclaw University, The concept of a Union based on the rule of law as a legal argument before the CJEU

– discussion

– 16.30 – closure of the conference