Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Preparations to the Round Table – student’s debate on the primacy of the EU law – additional materials

Following the previous announcements, we would like to propose to the speakers and attenders of the round table – student’s debate “Judgement over the principle of primacy of EU law over the Polish law” the choice of publications and cases, which they might find to be of help in preparations to the debate. Certainly, we encourage you to treat the below list only as an examplary and basic list, which can constitute a basis for the further research.

ETS judgment from 15.07.1964, 6/64 (Costa v. E.N.E.L.)
ETS judgment from 17.12.1970, 11/70 (Internationale Handelsgrsellschaft mbH v. Einfuhr- und Vorratsstelle für Getreide und Futtermittel)
ETS judgment from 13.01.2004, C-453/00 (Kühne & Keitz)
ETS judgment from 16.03.2006, C-234/04 (Kapferer)
Judgment of the Polish Supreme Court from 11.05.2005, K 18/04 (with commentaries of S. Biernat, W. Czapliński, J. Barcz, A. Wyrozumska)
Judgment of the Polish Supreme Court from 16.11.2011, 45/09 (with commentaries of Piotra Bogdanowicz, Paweł Marcisz)
A. Kastelik-Smaza, Spór o prymat prawa europejskiego po wejściu w życie Traktatu z Lizbony, „Przegląd Sądowy” 2010 Nr 84
E. Piontek, Zasada pierwszeństwa prawa wspólnotowego w orzecznictwie państw członkowskich, „Państwo i Prawo” 2009 Nr 5.
The round table is going to take off on Wednesday, at 5 pm. in Auditory A, building C of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Wrocław.