Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Opening CEJM evernt – National Scientific Conference – conluding report

On November 24-25, 2014 Center of Excellence hold the opening conference of the Center,  the National Scientific Conference “European Union as a guarantor and promotor of fundamental rights”.

We were honoured by attendance of many renowed scholars working in the field of the European Union law, among others: Advocate General prof. Maciej Szpunar, prof. Stanisław Biernat, prof. Nina Półtorak, prof. Marek Maciejewski, prof. Robert Grzeszczak, prof. Monika Szwarc, prof. Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk, prof. Ireneusz Kamiński, dr Justyna Łacny and dr Agnieszka Grzelak.

The conference took place in Oratorium Marianum, one of the oldest and most representative XVII-century auditories in the main buliding of University of Wrocław. Oratorium Marianum normally serves a museum hall as well as a concert auditory. That last function was well proved and presented during the conference, which started from the organ music performance given to the auditory by Rector prof. Adam Jezierski.

The first day of conference was devoted to the official inauguration of functioning of CEJM. The conference was opened by Rector prof. Marek Bojarski, followed by prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska, Director of CEJM, who presented the idea behind the creation of Center. In the further part of first day, the attention of attenders of the conference was directed toward the discussions over merits of fundamental rights, their functioning both in theory and practice. The day ended by helding the General Meeting of the Polish European Law Association.

The second day of the conference was subsequently devoted to the discussion on the specific issues connected with a role of European Union as a guarantor and promotor of fundamental rights. During that day several experts’ panels where held. We could also listen to the presentations given by PhD candidates, who were presenting the outcomes of their researches.

The conference was the first official event held by CEJM at University of Wrocław. We invite you to frequently visit our website for the information regarding our further events and meetings.

Once again, we would like to thank all those who attended the conference as well as those who helped as to make this event happen.