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MSCA European Joint Doctorate – PhD Fellowship position

Source: pixabay.com / CC00

Source: pixabay.com / CC00


On behalf of management officers of GEM-STONES project we hereby invite you to apply for MSCA European Joint Doctorate program. Please find the message and call for application from the organizators below.


“Allow us to herewith contact you as coordinating institution of the newly selected MSCA European Joint Doctorate (MSCA-EJD)  “GEM-STONES – Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks and European Strategies”

In light of your academic profile, we indeed believe that you are optimally positionned to relay the call for 15 PhD fellowships we just launched (to your faculty members, students or other third parties).

GEM-STONES is an integrated research and PhD fellowship programme involving 8 degree awarding partner universities, 6 non-academic internship destinations and a publishing house.

Its common research agenda is rooted in the shared observation that the proliferation of international institutions increases the complexity of the global system; whereas managing the latter efficiently and fairly constitutes both a necessity and a challenge for the European Union. In response to this shared observation, and with the support if the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, GEM-STONES will hire 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR = PhD fellows) who, with the help of their co-supervisors and non-academic mentors, will investigate the EU’s:

  • Institutional capacity to externalize its policies
  • Networked capacity to ensure policy coherence
  • Relative capacity compared to other regional organizations
  • Framing capacity to define appropriate behaviors

Said 15 available positions include:

All applications are to be submitted ONLINE through the program’s webpage at www.gem-stone.eu.

The deadline for applications is September 15th 2016 (17:00 – Brussels Time)”