Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Monika Setkowicz

Mrs. Monika Setkowicz is a PhD candidate in the Institute of International and European Law at University of Wrocław and the member of Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet since the very beggining of its functioning. In the period between January 2016 and September 2017 she perform the role of Secretary of CEJM. In 2016 she graduated the professional notary traineeship and passed the final notary exam. Currently she works as a deputy notary in a notary office in Wrocław. Her professional background corresponds with the her research work. Monika’s academic interests fall into the scope of civil and EU law. She is particularly interested in the role of a notary in the system of European Union law, what will be the main topic of her future dissertation.

As a teaching assistant at University of Wrocław Monika conducts the following classes: Public international law, EU law and System of legal protection in the EU.