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Invitation to cooperation with Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence would like to invite to cooperation all institutions and organisations interested or already working in the field of fundamental rights, their promotion and development. We direct this invitation particularly to NGOs, other organisations of civil society (grups of citizens, fundations etc.) and to people or organisations conducting research, teaching and other academic activities in the mentioned area (universities, colleges, students, PhD candidates, lectures, researchers etc.).

Licencja CC. Źródło: uberoffices.com/blog/image-sharing/

License CC. Source: uberoffices.com/blog/image-sharing/

One of the main aims for which Center of Excellence was created is the promotion of understanding of role which the European Unions plays as a guarantor and promotor of protection of fundamental and human rights. In order to achieve its goal, Center wishes to cooperate with organisations and institutions at local, regional and country-wide levels. We are open for your initiatives and ideas and invite you to contact us and join our events too. Detailed information on specific events can be found on our website under News bookmark. If you wish to see a general framework plan of our acitivities please consult Schedule bookmark from the main menu.

Altough Center focuses on legal issues connected with fundamental rights we are open for interdiciplinary cooperation. We believe that it allows to understand and therefore to promote and apply in practice fundamental rights in a better way. Beacuse of that, we direct this invitation not only to people working in the broadly understood field of law, but also to those who work in other areas, who in a course of their work deal with fundamental rights issues.

Center invites you to participate in events it prepares, in whatever form and role which you find convenient and suitable for you: as an audience, lecturers, co-organizators etc. We are also keen to participate in events and research organized or conducted by other organisations.

If you are interested in cooperation with CEJM please send us an email at the official address of CEJM: cejm@uni.wroc.pl You may also use a contact form, which you will find under Contact bookmark.


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