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Ewa Matlochová

Ewa originates from the town of Třinec in Czech Republic. She has the Czech citizienship, however her origins are Polish. In 2008-2013 Ewa studied law at Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy at University of Wrocław. In 2013 she gradauted with the degree of Master of Laws and defended her master thesis under the title “Preprogatives of Polish National Minority in Czech Republic”. Currently, Ewa is a II year PhD candidate at Chair of International and European Law at University of Wrocław. During her professional carrier she practised, among others, in Hajduk a Partneři s.r.o. Law Firm (providing legal services in Czech Rep., Slovakia and Poland), in Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Wrocław and in A.Ignasiak, T. Pulka i Wspólnicy Law Firm. Her academic interests include mainly issues of relation and interplay between Czech and Polish, European and international legal systems and issues connected with broadly understood human rights and democracy.