Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

Finalisation of European Commission’s grant – the third birthday of Center of Excellence


Dear Sirs / Madams,

today, on 31 August 2017, Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet ends its activities under the European Commission’s grant. This is also a very nice day for us, as it is also the third anniversary of functioning of Center of Excellence.

Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet from the very beggining was the project created by the European Commission by a mean of scientific grant under the supervision of Prof. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska, Director of Center, for the years 2014-2017. However, what is worht underlining, the Center continues and will continue its activities.

For the last three years Center and its members was conducting scientifical and teaching activities, as well as they were popularizing understanding of fundamental rights – of the manner in which the European Union plays the role of guarantor of human rights. That work brought to the audience hundreds of academic classes, as well as many scientifical event for experts (conferences, including the international ones), PhD candidates (seminaries) and students (debates, round tables). The cooperation of Center with social partners resulted in a number of events organized by Center for broader audience: participants of scientifical festivals, school students etc.

We would like to thank all those who were involved into the project of Center of Excellence. Particularlly, we would like to thank very much numerous renowed experts and scientists – your participation allowed us to create interesting events of quality. We would like to thank the authorities of University of Wroclaw and authorities of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics – for all help and support given us from the very beggining of the idea of creation of Center. Last but not least, we would like to thank all those who participated in our activities and events – thanks to You we stayed motivated to keep Center moving on.


Thank you for the last three years.

Best regards,


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