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National Scientific Conference “The protection of monuments and art trade in the European Union” – report

The National Scientific Conference“The protection of monuments and art trade in the European Union” has just ended. We present the short report from that event. You may also want to watch the photos taken during the conference, which are available now under the Gallery bookmark .

The first day of the conference was fully devoted to the experts panels. The assembly was opened by Director of Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet, Prof. Dagamara Kornobis-Romanowska, who presented an opening lecture on the place and role of cultural heritige in the EU system.

Afterwards, during the first experts panel the participants had a chance to hear three presentations. Dr hab. Anna Gerecka-Żołyńska (Adam Mickiewicz University) spoke on the criminal aspects of art trade in relation to the current arm conflicts. Dr hab. Maciej Trzciński (University of Wrocław) presented the controversy regarding the art trade with archeological monuments and practical problems of it, both in national and EU-wide dimensions. The third lecture was conducted by Olgierd Jakubowski and it touched the topic of crimes against cultural heritage in the European Union. The whole panel was followed by a discussion and coffee break.

During the second experts panel, the participants once again had the chance to hear three presentations. Dr Alicja Jagielska-Burduk (Kazimierz Wielki University) analysed legal mechanisms of cultural heritage management. Dr Monika Drela (University of Wrocław) presented the lecture by the title “Choice of foreign law clause in the art sale contracts”. Dr Wojciech Szafrański (Adam Mickiewicz University) presented the last lecture on that day and spoke on asymmetry of information in the market of art auctions and other practical problems connected with that form of art trade. The panel was certainly followed by a discussion which closed the first day of conference.

The second day started with another experts’ panel after which there was a time devoted to presentations of outcome of doctoral students’ research. The first two lectures were presented by dr hab. Piotr Stec (University of Opole) and dr hab. Mirosław Sadowski (University of Wrocław). The first of them spoke on the issue of return of national heritage monuments illegally exported from a member state of EU and referred to the analysis of directive 2014/60/EU. Dr hab. Mirosław Sadowski presented subseqently the basics of philosophy of Islamic State, having an influence on how that entity treats and acts towards non-islamic moneuments.

After that there was a coffee break and doctoral students’ panel, moderated by dr hab. Rafał Wojciechowski (University of Wrocław). During that last part of the conference the following PhD candidates presented their research outcomes:

mgr Zuzanna Kotuła – “Does a legal immunity of arts and monuments infringe the right to fair process?”

mgr Tomasz Gawliczek – “Limits of copyright law protection of contemporary art”

mgr Elżbieta Kocowska-Siekierka – “Restitution claims of former owners of residential property in the Czech Republic and protection of individual rights in the EU

mgr Jakub Artemiuk – “Definition and scope of legal protection of archeological monuments in Polish and international law.”

mgr Maja Zając – “Archeological monuments in Law of Sea Convention from 1982”

After each presentation the short discussion took place. In the meantime, some participants of the conference took part in a guided tour on the historic sites of the University of Wrocław, visting (among others) Mathematical Tower, Leopoldina Hall and Oratorium Marianum. The guests were guided by Rector, dr hab. Adam Jezierski.


We would like to thank all who participated in this event and helped us to preare it. Thank you for your time and energy you put in this conference – we hope to continue our cooperation in the months to come, during other events organized by Center of Excellence. Please stay in touch!