Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta

CEJM Open Seminar: „Is there still a point in protecting personal data and privacy?” 13.01.2017, 3.00-4.00pm

The CEJM team is happy to have a chance to invite all those who are interested in human rights, fundamental rights and the rights to privacy and protection of personal data for the CEJM Open Seminar “Is there still a point in protecting personal data and privacy?”

The seminar is going to be held on 13.01.2017 (Friday) at 3 pm in the room 303B of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of Univeristy of Wroclaw. The meeting is going to durate for an hour and will have a form of open discussion. No previous notification of attandance required; we particularly invite students and PhD Candidates.

The rights to privacy and to protection of personal data are the fundamental rights, the human rights. We instinctively feel that certain aspects of our lives are covered with some kind of privacy. Paradoxically, we ourselves are the biggest danger to our own privacy e.g. while being active through the social medias. Is the privacy something objective or subjective? Can the privacy and the protection of personal data remain the human right in the world where everyone knows everything about everyone?

Hope to see you there!