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Call for Application – Humanity In Action Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship


Please be invited to apply for the international program of Humanity In Action fundation – Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship. Deadline: 13.01.2016 All graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Descprition of the program (source: Humanity In Action, http://www.humanityinaction.org/programs/10-the-diplomacy-and-diversity-fellowship):

The Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship is a transatlantic educational program from Humanity in Action. The Fellowship offers 24 American and European graduate students the chance to explore the changing international dynamics of diplomacy and diversity.

This program is best suited for young professionals and students in graduate programs in the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Fellows will travel to Washington, DC, Berlin and Warsaw to study how American and European governments and societies are responding to a wide range of international issues. The program seeks to promote constructive diplomacy in a changing world through innovative and inclusive approaches.”

Photo: Humanity In Action, źródło: http://www.humanityinaction.org/programs/10-the-diplomacy-and-diversity-fellowship. All rights reserved.