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C-597/14 P OHIM v Xavier Grauow Ferrerow – opinion of Advocate General

Source: pixabay.com CC00

Source: pixabay.com CC00

Thanks to the Management Board of Polish Association of European Law we present you the opinion of Advocate General Maciej Szpunar on the case C-597/14 P Urząd Harmonizacji w ramach Rynku Wewnętrznego (OHIM) v Xavierowi Grauowi Ferrerow.

In the present case, the OHIM request the Court to revise the previous judgement of Court of European Union from 24.10.2014, Grau Ferrer/OHIM – Rubio Ferrer (Bugui va), in which the Court ruled the decision of Fourth Chamber of Appeal of OHIM to be void and null. The appeal raises mainly the procedural issue of great importance for the day-to-day practice of OHIM, namely the issue of scope of competences of appeal chambers as to the evidence discovery in the proceedings.

You may find the text of opinion either in Polish (Opinia Grau Ferrer OHMI C-597_14_PL) or French lanaguage (C_597_14 Grau Ferrer FR).