Centrum Doskonałości Jeana Monneta


We invite you to read a general schedule of actions which Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet intends to undertake and/or launch in the year 2015. The actions enlisted below constitute an execution of the general frame schedule for the years 2014-2017 which you can find under the Schedule bookmark. The data posted below are povided for your convenience and information. Please bear in mind that they are subjected to change. CEJM has put every effort to ensure that the present information are up to date. However, in case of any doubts as to the details of given event please contact Secretary of CEJM in order to confirm the presented info.

All further information and details on upcoming events are posted on the CEJM website under News category.

In the year 2015 Center of Excellence of Jean Monnet plans the following events:

  1. March 9th, 2015: “Je suis Charlie? Religions and fundamental rights” (Wrocław; University of Wrocław) – seminary devoted to the debate on current issues of interplay between religions and fundamental rights within the EU legal system. Participants (among others): Prof. Mariusz Jabłoński, Prof. Mirosław Sadowski, Prof. Stanisław Konopacki, dr Mirosław Wróblewski.
  2. April 13-14th, 2015: “The European Union in scientifical research of PhD candidates” (Polanica Zdrój; University of Wrocław) – doctorate studies seminary.
  3. May 9-10th, 2015: „Inter-faculty seminar connected with the Day of Europe celebration” (Gdańsk; University of Gdańsk, University of Warsaw, University of Wrocław) – doctorate studies seminary devoted to a debate on developments in the EU law and its influence on civil, criminal and constitutional law.
  4. May 17-19th, 2015: „Protection of monuments and works of art market in the EU” (Wrocław; University of Wrocław) – country-wide interdisciplinary conference on protection of monuments and the market of works of arts in the European Union.
  5. June 8th, 2015: “Day of Europe” (Opole; II High School in Opole) – Day of Europe celebration; promotion of role the EU plays in protection of fundamental rights.